Animals, Whores & Dialogue: Breakfast with Hunter Vol.2


Great news folks,

Wayne Ewing returns with the eagerly anticipated sequel to Breakfast with Hunter. Anointed as the official “man behind the camera” by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, the critically acclaimed producer, director and cinematographer brings us yet another intimate portrait of one of the most important figures in 2oth Century American literature. It is an invaluable record but its brilliance resides in Ewing’s ability to pierce the shroud of myth surrounding Thompson to reveal the true artist and writer beneath. The title of this sequel – Animals, Whores & Dialogue, stems from the words affixed to Thompson’s typewriter – subject matter that he turned to in order to fire up the Gonzo engine and get into gear as the high priest of hedonism who danced right to the edge of the abyss as he lamented the death of the American Dream.    

 [viddler id=c80939f&w=437&h=370]

With a release date of July 13th head on over to Wayne Ewing’s Official Site and order your copy today.



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