Saturday Night In The City – Hunter S. Thompson


Thanks to Jerry Nguyen for sharing this short film version of Saturday Night In The City from Generation of Swine.

Shot by a group of friends and filmmakers in Toronto, here is what Jerry had to say about the making of the film:

“We shot this back in the summer of ’09. It came about when the fellow that plays Thompson (Nic Di Lollo) and I were in a pub shooting the breeze, after another short film we worked on. We went out for smoke – I use a cigarette holder and we started discussing Hunter S. Thompson. he called me a few nights later doing a Hunter impression, in character, all the way through, it was uncanny, and I was convince we could pull it off. “

I read through a lot of Hunter’s stories and settled on shooting Saturday Night In The City, because it seemed like cheapest one to produce. We’re filmmakers which means we’re broke most of time. also because it allowed us to explore another aspect of Hunter which was never really seen in Where the Buffalo Roam or Fear and Loathing – Hunter and women. Though we took a bit of creative license when shooting the sequence in chinatown.

Everyone was awesome to work with. Jo (who played Maria) actually gets a tattoo on camera, which is pretty bad ass, and me and the boys from the Baldwin Street Tattoo shop went on to shoot this:

So there you go folks, I must say I think it is great and would love to see more people do creative projects inspired by Hunter like this.

All the best,



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