The Mutineer and Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone brought forward?

Again just browsing and I noticed two new release dates for the above. Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone now has a release date of May 1st 2010 and The Mutineer has a release date of June 1st 2010. I have always been wary of Amazon release dates but to add to this one of our totallygonzo forum members, Chivas Regal, recently received an email from Amazon informing him of the new release date. They have also added a larger image of the books cover.What with the new reissues by Picador, the movie tie-in of The Rum Diary AND the impending release of the film, are publishers hoping to cash in on all the publicity?

4 thoughts on “The Mutineer and Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone brought forward?

  1. You can bet the bottom dollar they are. It’s all about the money, the green, the greasy, the bacon, the dough, the beans, the clams, the coconuts… well now I’m just getting hungry. Thanks for the information. And by the way, is an evil empire of bloodsucking leeches with fat bulges of greed around their necks. My company is working on a lawsuit against them. Not only do they rip of buyers sometimes… but they shred sellers as well. Check out some of the grips which will be in our endless lawsuit:

    Dirty bastards are building up Huge Cash reserves and reporting them on their income statements and now they are addicted to it. The rub: They ‘hold’ large sums of money from sellers for vague reasons, buy stock with all the extra ‘borrowed’ cash, and release it in 90 days. Say hello to the next Big Company Fall. Cheers,

  2. Great news, Rory. Looks like The Mutineer’s release wasn’t being held up because of sensitive material, rather for the most opportune time to piggyback on the upcoming film release. I hope these release dates are accurate…Simon & Schuster, Borders and all still have 2/1/2011 for the Mutineer and 11/9/10 for the Rolling Stone compilation.

  3. You can bet this one won’t be one of those books where people get all pissed because it’s in paper a few days before the Kindle edition comes out. Or if HST fans have jumped on that materialistic bandwagon, God save us all.

    Tim, Amazon is a perfectly acceptable purveyor of capitalist necessities. Please don’t whine because your company can’t handle its cash flows. (jk bigtime!!)

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