6 thoughts on “Picador to reissue slew of Hunter S. Thompson works.

  1. It seems like a relatively cheap option as these are all stock photos and easy pictorial transformations but the subject matter is beyond reproach. I might get all these as my ‘education copies’ for my friends! They must be educated!

  2. JESUS…..the SCUMSUCKERS can’t leave well enough alone…..what are they going for here?….some kinda weird RAINBOW EFFECT on the bookshelf….I can just hear junior graphics pushing “THE OPTICS. baby, think of THE OPTICS!” to his soul-less corporate OVERLORD…..we are ALL doomed!!!!

  3. Yeah I wouldn’t be too fond of these reissues but if it means that they end up in the hands of some new readers thanks to The Rum Diary storm of publicity (when it hits) then I suppose there is a silver lining to every money making exercise.

  4. Ugh. What horrible treatment of the images and poor typography. You can’t even read the titles of the books! The Good Doctor deserves better.

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