Rumour – Jack Nicholson for The Rum Diary!

Caribe Hilton San Juan

Caribe Hilton San Juan


It looks like Johnny Depp has finally decided the time is right to kick this project into gear. A number of details have emerged in the past month surrounding this project – some pretty interesting rumours too! So here is the lowdown on the developments:

  • As previously reported, casting has begun, with a casting call circulating regarding the role of Chenault. The casting call indicated that production would begin in full in early March. Several websites have speculated that Scarlett Johansson or Keira Knightley have been mentioned for the role. This is pure speculation! The role will most likely go to an unknown actress. Trust me on that one. (For budget reasons alone this is unlikely)
  • Benicio Del Toro has also recently stated that he is no longer attached to this project. He was supposed to direct the movie but that has since fallen to Bruce Robinson – writer and director of Withnail and I and the man behind the screenplay for The Killing Fields. Robinson will also handle the screenplay for The Rum Diary. He supposedly worked on it while staying on Johnny Depp’s Caribbean island, which Johnny affectionately calls “Fuck Off Island”.
  • One of the producers attached to this project is Graham King of The Departed fame. This has led to a very interesting RUMOUR that the character of Lotterman will be played by none other than Jack Nicholson!! Now I have to say I am highly sceptical of this but what a coup that would be if true. Jack was a friend of Hunter’s and really enjoyed the Good Doctor’s birthday presents 😀 Maybe just maybe he would do this but no doubt he would have to take a considerable drop regarding his fee.
  • The production team opened an office in San Juan yesterday and sources indicate that the old office of The San Juan Star will be used for filming. The newspaper closed last August. The team are also scouting for other filming locations in San Juan.

So that is it as of now. Thanks to the good folks over at JohnnyDeppReads for translating some spanish articles regarding the production.

Ok for now,

Ron Mexico

PS: We have some regular visitors from San Juan, why not drop us a note or some photos if you see anything regarding filming!

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2 thoughts on “Rumour – Jack Nicholson for The Rum Diary!

  1. I am on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Caribe Hilton right now (in the Hilton Honors lounge typing this now) and there’s a crew walking around talking about filming locations, what the cast is doing in each scene etc. I’ve been trying to follow them around and hear some details. I googled caribe hilton filming etc. and found out about this movie and i am QUITE certain that they are here scouting and going over the locations and such with the production team!
    I am psyched to be here right now and am going to go out and try to get some pictures.

    (activate my account so i can post them if i can take them (captj))

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