First shot of Paul Kemp & Chenault in The Rum Diary

Hey folks,


Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first shot of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in a scene from The Rum Diary.


Click here to see the image 


I am also looking for your feedback regarding posting these updates from The Rum Diary. Should I post pictures directly or link to them so as not to spoil anything? Let me know in the comment section and also what you think of the shot.

I expect that there will be a poster, trailer and more stills hitting the net in the weeks ahead. As always I will post them here asap.









4 thoughts on “First shot of Paul Kemp & Chenault in The Rum Diary

  1. Great shot and acting – you just want him to lean in and lay one on her gorgeous lips! Can’t wait for the film. I wouldn’t mind pics being displayed, but hope all plot points would be hidden or warned with a spoiler alert.

  2. I don’t mind pics being displayed and I don’t mind spoilers, I doubt there’ll be many surprises as I’ve read the book a few times (although not for a few years, and I’m not going to read it again before I watch the film). Loving the updates, thanks 🙂

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