A law unto himself: Robert Chalmers meets Aspen’s gonzo lawman Bob Braudis

Hey everybody, check out this great interview with Sheriff Bob Braudis.


Sorry for the short post, my eye is still giving me trouble. I have been told that I require a cornea transplant. I don’t want to strain my eye so I will be keeping computer work to a minimum. I will still post updates of course, but they will be brief until I have the operation.

Take it easy,


One thought

  1. All non-Brits ask me “Why don’t you shut the fuck up about the Independent? It’s a goddamn newspaper! What’s the difference…”

    The fact is the Independent is a brilliant publication. They print the best articles, and their writers are better than any other publication. They never refer to a famous person by their first name, and never shy away from using the word ‘motherfucker’. They are honest and probe further than any other newspaper in Britain or elsewhere.

    No one has noticed yet (sadly) but the Independent was a huge influence on Beatdom!

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