Withnail and I – Cake and Fine Wine!

For those of you unfamiliar with Bruce Robinson (shame on you) and wondering how on earth he ended up directing The Rum Diary then these three clips should ease your fears. Withnail and I is a masterpiece and if you haven’t seen it then DO SO NOW!!!

4 thoughts on “Withnail and I – Cake and Fine Wine!

  1. Have no idea how I stumbled across that movie, but I know it started with This is England three years ago. But the way from that to this… can’t reckon a single step. Great movies both of them anyway.

  2. Thankfully, there are no further scenes of the main actor’s uncle acting all creepy and actor-theatre-like and make you question why there are no female leads in this Shake’de’spear’in’my’ass’in’a’kind’a’way’in’-style! WOOOOOO!!!!

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