Bruce Robinson to discuss The Rum Diary on BBC 4 Radio!

Hey folks,

Just a quick heads up that Bruce Robinson will be on BBC 4 Radio today at 4.30pm GMT. He will be discussing his return to film-making after 17 years. Hopefully he will be able to shed some light on the apparent changes to The Rum Diary. You will need realplayer to listen in and don’t worry if you miss it – you can listen to the show anytime once it airs. I will blog any juicy info. here for those of you that can’t stream the show.

Thanks to Holly for the heads up, much appreciated!

Yr. Friend,

Ron Mexico (in much pain with a broken toe of all things!)


UPDATE:  Bruce Robinson describes the script as very close to Withnail & I in tone. He mentions that Johnny Depp was instrumental in getting The Rum Diary published and he also believes the script to be very funny.

One thought on “Bruce Robinson to discuss The Rum Diary on BBC 4 Radio!

  1. Thanks for the alert…

    How did you break your toe? I feel in the shower two years ago (drunk, high) and snapped my little toe. It didn’t heel for two months because my work refused to give me time off.

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