Johnny Depp Purchases Hunter S. Thompson Archive.

“I knew Colonel Depp was carrying a mixed bag of personal presents, including bottles of Absinth and night-vision binoculars and frozen shirts and Nazi SS jewelry. He also had rare medicines from Europe and oriental hand fans and many thousands of dollars and perfumes and cameras and pornography and sophisticated tattoo paraphernalia. He looked like an international Pimp with no respect for the law. If his luggage was searched he was doomed.” 

Hunter S. Thompson – Ambassador to Cuba

Johnny Depp has recently purchased Hunter’s archive – consisting of approx. 800 boxes of letters, unpublished material, artefacts etc etc. Colonel Depp is now officially the custodian and owner of the majority of Hunter S. Thompson’s papers. Once his team has sorted through the extensive material he has indicated that it will go to a University so that grubby scholars like myself can root through it like savages.

In case you are wondering what kind of stuff is in there why not check out our rare articles section. It will give you an idea what Hunters earlier work was like. There is many many more articles and short stories that have yet to see the light of day. Hopefully Colonel Depp can now start the process of getting this work onto the bookshelves.

Also Anita has now started her own column over at Huffingtonpost. Check it out!

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8 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Purchases Hunter S. Thompson Archive.

  1. Agreed, truly wonderful that these historic pieces of art wound up in the hands of a beatiful soul instead of some dirty fuck looking to make a buck. If the latter came to be or mr.depp gives into the all to human temptation of profit I will lose all faith in the artistic integrity of the 21st century.
    R.I.P Hunter
    the crazy never die

  2. great site, been reading hunter’s stuff for 20 some odd years now and pushing closer to 30 every day…

    it always seemed depp understood who he was playing pretty well…. murray buried himself so far it took him a couple years and movies to get away from the part… must have been a great man to scream with while you were slamming random objects with your fists…

    thanks again.

  3. So glad this stuff ended up in the hands of someone with resources and a personal interest in seeing it preserved rather than just dumped in university basement to be pawed through by unsupervised grad assistants. I’ve seen first hand how much of that kind of stuff can wind up in somebody’s sock drawer. I hope we’ll hear when the stuff becomes available for study.

    • Yeah you can bet Johnny will make sure it is looked after properly. It would be nice to find out what is actually going on with it though.

  4. Johnny Depp is a multi talented star. His impression to me is that he can accomplish any task set before him. He not only accomplishes these tasks but masters them as well. I hope he continues to make us happy with his wide range of characters for many years to come.

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