Hunter vs The Hells Angels And A Taste Of What Is To Come…

Ok as you all probably know, Alex Gibney’s Gonzo is now showing across the nation in selected theatres. For a full list of screenings click here. To view a clip from the film showing Hunter being interviewed on TV after the publication of Hells Angels – complete with guest appearance by one of the Angels, bike and all click here.

The movie has also thrown up some other interesting little nuggets of info which you can read about below.

I wanted to do something about Puerto Rico — the young novelist and the time he spent hanging out there with William Kennedy, the great novelist. There were wonderful audio tape recordings, and that’s one thing we’ve solved. Hunter used to make audio tapes late at night. Sometimes he’d combine stuff that he’d record in the field with his own running commentary, with music. We’re going to release five CDs of those on a special collection called “The Gonzo Tapes” in conjunction with the film.” – Alex Gibney

“Douglas Brinkley who is also the executor of Thompson’s literary estate, says Thompson would type out the entirety of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, studying the language -“I’ve read the original manuscripts of his work from that era and there’s scarcely a comma out of place,” he says. “It’s perfectly structured prose. We don’t give him enough credit for that. He knew how to write. He learned properly how to write. Once he learned that, it became a question of finding his own voice. He found that at the Kentucky Derby.”

Brinkley says a new book from Thompson’s hot period will be forthcoming in the next couple of years. It was written after Robert Kennedy’s assassination, which prompted Thompson to go to Washington to speak to gun lobbyists.” –

Have you seen the movie? If so why not send us a review here at Totally Gonzo and we will post it for your fellow Gonzo fans to read.

Thats about it for now, consider it the good news, because tomorrow I will be addressing an issue that this movie has again highlighted – and I aint happy about it one bit.


Ron Mexico

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2 thoughts on “Hunter vs The Hells Angels And A Taste Of What Is To Come…

  1. Ron I have a feeling that there will be others not happy with the news you will be posting soon. I know I wont. Looking forward to what you have to say. As The Good Doctor would say “The fat is in the fire”

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