The Rum Diary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Lakeshore Records

The Rum Diary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Out digitally on 10/25 / CD available 11/29

01. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) – Dean Martin
02. Rum Diary – Christopher Young
03. Suckfish and Snake – Christopher Young
04. Mother of Balls – Christopher Young
05. Chenault – Christopher Young
06. Flagged Me Smiling – Christopher Young
07. Pink Jelly Remains – Christopher Young
08. Rockin’ on Rooster (With My Dead Monkey’s Mother) – Christopher Young
09. Sweat Bee – Christopher Young
10. Cock-Of-The-Rock – Christopher Young
11. Black Note Blues – Christopher Young
12. My Car the Cockroach – Christopher Young
13. Neon Popsicles – Christopher Young
14. Hefti-Tefti – Christopher Young
15. He Must Be a Sadist – Christopher Young
16. Puerto Rican Piss-Off – Christopher Young
17. Whacking a Salesman – Christopher Young
18. The Biggest Crook in New Jersey – Christopher Young
19. Desperate Drunks and Postcard Loons – Christopher Young
20. The Mermaid Song (Instrumental) – Johnny Depp
21. What About El Monstruo? – JD Band
22. Roll Out the Roosters – JD Band
23. Kemp in the Village – Johnny Depp and JJ Holiday
24. The Mermaid Song – Patti Smith

Interesting looking soundtrack. Was expecting more of a selection of different artists but Christopher Young has done some excellent scores in the past. Most notable however is the contribution from Depp and his friend Patti Smith. That I was not expecting.



UPDATE: It appears that one of the songs in the movie is not actually on the soundtrack. The song in question is After All by Frankie Miller

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  1. I thought the music backing was really moody and wonderful – so is this mostly Christopher Young? Some of the instrumental stuff reminded me a liitle of INXS – saxaphone and mouth organ and other instruments made it very atmospheric and memorable. Thanks!

  2. When the girl is dansing in to the bluesband, when she wares the red dress. And the afro american man is takling hos skirt off. What is the name of that song??

  3. I watched the movie the other night. Loved the soundtrack. Never heard of Christopher Young. I could have sworn the music in the nightclub scene was Howlin’ Wolf. Gonna dig around and find out who this guy is. Thanks for the blog.

  4. Is this soundtrack lined by the order that appears in the movie? I liked a lot the song that appeard when johny deep was leaving in the boat but i can not discover what it is, can you help me?

  5. Can anybody tell me what the song is in de “Bet you scream first” scene … I can’t find it anywhere 😦

  6. whats the peice music being played when johny depp at the house looking through the telescope at the couple having sex in the sea

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