The Launch of Hunter S. Thompson’s ESPN Column

Just came across an article by Kevin Jackson over at ESPN, in which he remembers the pressure of waiting for Hunter to meet his deadline and submit his first Hey Rube column piece. Here is a quick excerpt:

” I will never forget the staredown with that evil, lifeless FAX machine.

For more than seven hours, I locked eyes with it from across the room, hoping to see a light come on, hear a magical beep or two, or — please, dear God — start to see some paper spit out of that stingy bastard.

It was the night of Sunday, Nov. 5, 2000, the hours before the dawn of a new section called Page 2 — an initiative that I was becoming more and more convinced was going to be a failure.

“He will definitely file by 6. We’ll just FAX it over,” Hunter S. Thompson’s assistant had assured me around noon that day, calling in just a few minutes before the NFL action kicked off. “We’re just putting the finishing touches on the final draft.

Read the full article here.


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