The Mutineer – Not coming to a bookstore anytime soon.

I didn’t really want to post this on New Years Eve but I reckon it is better off coming to you now at the end of a thoroughly rotten year  instead of 2010. I was just reading the latest update by Anita over at Huffington Post and I came across the following comment from her in the feedback section in response to a question about The Mutineer.

“The Mutineer has such sensitive letters in it that we are postponing it until some of the dust settles. I”d like to see it in the hands of readers as much as you do. Hunter was a gentleman, so it’s best to wait — but not sacrifice the inside story of the last 15 years of his life.”

Ugh…I am gutted. I have been looking forward to reading this for a long, long time and I am sure the same goes for the thousands of you that have visited this blog over the past year, not to mention all the other readers of Hunter’s work from every corner of the globe. I have also been eager to get my hands on this before I finish my Ph.D on Hunter, I guess that is not going to happen now which is a huge blow to my work.

Oh well at least we can all look forward to The Rum Diary in 2010.

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8 thoughts on “The Mutineer – Not coming to a bookstore anytime soon.

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  2. Thanks for the update…I actually came across this website when I did a search for “Mutineer” news this morning after discovering that the publication date had been extended yet again. I was wondering why this was the case…I think I ordered it almost 4 years ago, and they even seem to know how many pages are in the book, so why the continued delay? It’s nice to have an answer.

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