Preview: Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson

Ancient Gonzo Wisdom

Ancient Gonzo Wisdom

Here is some nice reading material for the Gonzo Tribe this summer – Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson – due to hit the shelves on July 6th. Anita Thompson has spent quite a while now gathering together this volume of interviews and first indications are that the wait has been worth it. Kicking things off is an introduction by none other than Christopher Hitchens and I have to say I am intrigued as to what he has to say regarding the Good Doctor and all things Gonzo. A quick scan of the table of contents offers up some nice surprises – not only are the interviews from print sources but there are also transcribed interviews from various radio and T.V. outlets to boot! This is a really nice touch as many of these interviews are long since forgotten and impossible to find (believe me I have tried!) It also sets this volume apart from the other collection of interviews by Kevin Simonson and Beef Torrey. Yes there are some interviews common to both collections but by and large the material in this book is to be found nowhere else (except maybe for one or two in our interview section here at Totally Gonzo – shhh tell nobody)

Ok so here is a list of some of the interviews that I have yet to find anywhere else:

ABC News – February 20, 1967

Sunday (CBC) – 1967

WBZ 1030AM (Boston) – August 8, 1972

Loose Licks (Australia) – Spring 1976

90 Minutes Live (CBC) – April 12, 1977

Commonwealth Times (Richmond, Virginia) – November 28, 1978

Washington Journalism Review – Nov/Dec 1979

This is just a small sample of what is on offer in this collection which covers Hunter’s  entire career right up until 2005. It even includes a transcript of his hilarious Conan O’Brien interview. Looking forward to picking this up now, it will keep me busy until The Mutineer comes out in October. Yes…you read that correctly… 🙂


Ok gotta run, next post coming sooner than you think (I promise)


Ron Mexico

PS: I have been glued to the protests in Iran lately, it is interesting to see young Iranian students clad in Calvin Klein asking Barack Obama and America to help them in the name of Democracy. That must sicken the clowns over at Fox News who would have you believe that all Iranians are Anti-American Evil-Doers.  As Hunter once said – “There is some shit we won’t eat!” – and that spans fear mongering morons in the media to vote rigging swine in Iran.