The Rum Diary – Opening Shot?

Credit goes to Emma @ for spotting this on the official website of Nina Saxon, designer of the film’s title sequence. It also appears that a Swedish release date has been set for 3 December 2010 so things appear to have turned around and we are now looking at a 2010 release in select European markets.



The Rum Diary Screenplay? (Updated)

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So I was just browsing and I came across this – The Rum Diary: Based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson. The author is listed as Bruce Robinson and it is 160 pages in length, due to be published by Vintage on September 1st 2011. What really caught my eye though is the synopsis:

It’s 1960. In a highrise hotel not far from the beaches of San Juan, a man is recovering from an animal of a hangover. Paul Kemp is an alcoholic journalist who’s barely seen better days, arriving at the only job he can get: writing horoscopes for failing rag El News. His fellow hacks are mostly crazy drunks on the verge of quitting, so Kemp fits in perfectly. But then he meets the impossibly gorgeous Chenault and her flashy boyfriend Sanderson. Kemp soon finds himself in way over his head, party to shady business deals, caught up in car chases with enraged Puerto Ricans, and experimenting with a hitherto unknown hallucinogen, which will eventually transform Kemp into the kind of journalist known to the world as Gonzo.

Two things – you can pretty much take the above as the plot of the film and having read a 2006 draft of the script it matches it perfectly. Secondly I noticed that this was put up last week on Amazon with a release date of next October. It was then pulled, before reappearing with this new release date. Sources have also indicated that the Dutch release date for the move, Nov. 2010, has now been put back to 2011. The Russian release date also appears to have been put back until 2011.

Damn, damn, damn.


UPDATE: The movie tie-in of The Rum Diary is still listed as having a September 2010 release. The UK release date for the movie is still slated as being September 2010. Not sure what to make of all this now to be honest. Amazon have been proven in the past to be incorrect with release dates. I guess we will have to be patient and see what happens.

Interview with Warren Hinckle

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Thanks to Sean @ Babylonfalling for sharing the following:

On one of our last days in town my wife and I met up with the legendary publisher and award winning journalist Warren Hinckle at the Double Play Bar & Grill in the Mission district of San Francisco.

I was there to share my collection of Ramparts and Scanlan’s to see if there was anything he wanted to scan for his book, the perennially delayed Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson: The story of the birth of Gonzo.

As he thumbed through the magazines and showed us proofs of the book we talked about his friendship with Hunter; the roots of Gonzo journalism and the culture that spawned it; his tenure at the groundbreaking radical slick, Ramparts magazine, in the ‚Äė60s; working with Hunter at his short-lived, but highly influential, muckraking monthly Scanlan‚Äôs; the Kennedy assassination; San Francisco‚Äôs favorite merchants of porn, The O‚ÄôFarrell brothers; and much more.

Because there is nothing that would indicate that the Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson book will be released anytime soon, I figured I’d put this out in honor of Hunter’s birthday (July 18).

I hope you enjoy it.



Check out the fantastic interview here – Babylonfalling: Interview with Warren Hinckle



Animals, Whores & Dialogue: Breakfast with Hunter Vol.2


Great news folks,

Wayne Ewing returns with the eagerly anticipated sequel to Breakfast with Hunter. Anointed as¬†the official “man behind the camera”¬†by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson,¬†the¬†critically acclaimed producer, director and cinematographer¬†brings us yet another intimate portrait of one of the most important figures in 2oth Century American literature.¬†It¬†is an invaluable record but its brilliance resides in Ewing’s ability¬†to¬†pierce the shroud of myth¬†surrounding Thompson to reveal the true artist and writer¬†beneath. The title of this sequel – Animals, Whores & Dialogue, stems from the words¬†affixed to Thompson’s typewriter –¬†subject matter that¬†he turned to¬†in order to fire¬†up the Gonzo engine¬†and get into gear as the¬†high priest of hedonism¬†who danced¬†right to the edge of the abyss¬†as he lamented the death of the American Dream. ¬†¬†¬†


With a release date of July 13th head on over to Wayne Ewing’s Official Site and order your copy today.



Saturday Night In The City – Hunter S. Thompson


Thanks to Jerry Nguyen for sharing this short film version of Saturday Night In The City from Generation of Swine.

Shot by a group of friends and filmmakers in Toronto, here is what Jerry had to say about the making of the film:

“We shot this back in the summer of ’09. It came about when the fellow that plays Thompson (Nic Di Lollo) and¬†I were in a pub shooting the breeze, after another short film we worked on. We went out for smoke –¬†I use a cigarette holder and we started discussing Hunter S. Thompson. he called me a few nights later doing a¬†Hunter impression, in character, all the way through, it was uncanny, and¬†I was convince we could pull it off.¬†“

I¬†read through a lot of Hunter’s stories and settled on shooting Saturday Night In The City, because it seemed like cheapest one to produce. We’re filmmakers which means we’re broke most of time. also because it allowed us to explore another aspect of Hunter which was never really seen in Where the Buffalo Roam or Fear and Loathing – Hunter and women. Though we took a bit of creative license when shooting the sequence in chinatown.

Everyone was awesome to work with. Jo (who played Maria) actually gets a tattoo on camera, which is pretty bad ass, and me and the boys from the Baldwin Street Tattoo shop went on to shoot this:

So there you go folks, I must say I think it is great and would love to see more people do creative projects inspired by Hunter like this.

All the best,