Happy Birthday Hunter S. Thompson


Today July 18th is Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday. The Good Doctor would have been 72. I am sure that everyone will be toasting his spirit tonight in a variety of ways. Over at Anita’s website a request has been made to celebrate his memory by having a tree planted in Colorado. For full details and how to donate towards this check out Owlfarmblog

Here at TotallyGonzo we would like to mark the occasion by requesting your support in petitioning The Modern Library to induct Fear and Loathing: On The Campaign Trail ’72 into their collection. Previously they have inducted Hells Angel’s and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

To show your support for Hunter and this fantastic book please visit the link below and add your signature. Who knows maybe with enough signatures we can get something done!

Thanks and Happy Birthday Doc !

Ron Mexico

PETITION LINK: http://www.petitiononline.com/GONZOHST/petition.html

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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hunter S. Thompson

  • Done and done Ron! What better way could we celebrate the Doc. Getting this done would be the jewel in the crown of his finest book. (In my opinion) I’ll lash together a post now pushing your idea.

  • Done – up to 67 now.

    Haven’t read it for eons now but that tells me I’m due for a refresher. Loved it first time around.

  • Okay, just found this site and reading through and was pretty happy until the birthday suggestion. Cmon. You are obviously versed in the fine doctors ways,manners of thinking and acting in front of the camera and behind gates at the OF. Two very different men. Planting a tree is a noble effort in most cases, but that would have sent HST over the edge on one of his rants lasting for hours about paving the entire fucking earth and planting claymore’s every 15 feet in case they ever showed up at the gates. He lost all illusions of love (in my opinion) at the party at keeseys house the weekend with HA. Let me know man. But seriuosly, if wanted to commerate him, write a fuck you note to a political leader you don’t agree with, have drink and eat some speed. That is exactly what he would have done.

    • Jake you are more than welcome to hold that opinion. I think you might have miinterpreted the post however, it was not my suggestion but rather that of Anita Thompson. I was just passing it on to the fans – which is the whole point of this site, to keep people up to speed on everything in the HST world. In the past Anita has suggested that the fans mark Hunter’s birthday by building a massive fire and shooting off some fireworks while enjoying a drink in his honour. She has also asked people to simply read one of his books and light a candle. I don’t necessarily think that Hunter would be vehemently against the tree idea either as he often ranted about property developers destroying the landscape in and around Aspen.

      • Maybe I am just being to over analytical or paranoid or have just tried to really read into too much of his writings between mom/siblings before the fallout. Nobody, other than him and a few others, could actually advise anyone as a fan of his to try to do what he would have done, because we all know what it is that he would have done. It would have involved mescaline,bennies and a smith and wesson 500 magnum and some propane tanks. You just can’t tell a group of blind followers like he has to do something like that. So I see her point, but really. What do you think he would have done. I am actually curious.

      • Well to quote Hunter – “Play your own game, be your own man, and don’t ask anybody for a stamp of approval.”

        So he would prefer that his fans do whatever they wanted to do.

      • My last post was lost b/c internet dc. Long damn one to type too. Very well put. And to commend you, you are right, I did initially misinterpret the idea of the tree, but after some thought, I still stand by my words. And you just summed it all up. Don’t ask anyone for a stamp of approval, b/c your the only swine in the pen. Damn I wish I hadn’t lost last post. Have you ever gotten a chance to look at some of the journals jd wrote and kept while living with doc preparing to play him? I can’t remember where I came across them, but there are some interesting aspects through johns eyes as to who he was and why he was like he was… He could never distance himself from the underprivileged ky background in a privlieged circle.

      • I think I got your last post, I am flitting in and out here, working on an update, so comments are slow to appear. I have never seen JD’s journals but I’d love to, if you know where they are be sure to let us know! Hunters Kentucky background is massively important to understanding the person he became, He always felt like an outsider amongst the Kentucky elite (many of whom were his friends)

      • I will dig and see if I can find some remenants of where I came across them. I remember I was initially led to them by reading a book to chicks wrote/filmed a documentary about a road trip to “Find the american dream” One of their first stops was the owl farm, they had never met or talked, but ran into someone who knew doc, he called him up, said they had a high fun factor and they were in aspen. Anyway, these two girls ended up living in NOLA where I am from, and being a pretty close knit underground, it wasn’t hard to find them. That was before Katrina. But let me see what I can pull off.

      • Ah I know that book but have yet to read it. I think it is called Anthem: A Road Story – something like that. I must get on to it. Cheers

  • Maybe it’s that he absolutley hated the concept of organized journalism. He didn’t set out to create gonzo. He just did what came naturally with trying to fight it. It would be impossible to try to enter college for a journalism degree saying you wanted to be the next HST. Just the declaration wouldn’t defeat his entire views. I realize that there are millions of falilv nut freak iconists out there who have not a clue as to the HST. But off the camera,his attitude and thought process seemed to venture into much darker, lawless places. No god. Nobody manning the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember seeing somewhere a side note comment by ralph where doc had started to tell him something about his suicide and stopped and steadman was just too gone to wrap his head around the fact that that was really how he thoughtt ( thought ralph would later in life come to realize that doc was truly a single manifestation of self love and hate..the walking paradox. anyway

  • That’s it!!! Anthem- a road story in search of the american dream. They are two very personable women, one is very debilitated due to scoliosis, which she references in the book, but when we met it was severly worse. They had no idea of “the american dream” got them into the owl farm, that and the “High fun factor” they had some super cool pics and writings with him in his office, but actually got very little footage because he wasn’t comfortable being the “other” hunter on camera. Fidgety is best I can describe, and sipping turkey mildy. Anyway, that meeting led me to find a excerpts from johns journals. I have a couple of calls in to a few key people back in NOLA to see where they scattered to. Will keep in touch as soon as I hear. btw, on the shrine snow mass site, I don’t want to be quoted on this, but they have listed that he shaved his head when he ran for sheriff because he didn’t want to be called the long hair opponent, when I thought I read in fear and loathing campaign trail ’76 (I think that was it, or maybe the great shark hunt) he said that it was a hair cut gone awry. Someone accidentally screwed up and he was forced to shave it to even up the mistake. I could very remembering wrong. THansk

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